What is it?

Removio is a multi-component gel preparation that can be used to remove warts and papillomas. The action of the drug gives a result similar to laser removal of skin formations.

Instruction: How to use?

Before applying Removio gel, the area of ​​skin with neoplasms should be treated with an individual antiseptic wipe. Then apply a small amount of the drug directly from the tube to each wart or papilloma. Wait until it is completely dry.
Treat the skin twice a day. The duration of the course is determined individually until the neoplasms disappear completely (from one week to three months) plus three to four days.

How does it work?

Removio gel is highly effective due to its complex properties. The active components of the drug not only destroy the human papillomavirus, but also stimulate the immune system, which sharply reduces the risk of reappearance of skin neoplasms.
The drug destroys papillomas and condylomas, stimulates the bodys active immune response to the introduction of HPV, prevents benign malignancies, that is, reduces the risk of oncology.
Clinical trials have shown high efficacy of the drug in the test group, provided that the gel is used regularly.

Ingredients. Composition

The gel contains the following active ingredients:

  • ginger oil – relieves skin puffiness, fights inflammation, inhibits the activity of viruses, bacteria and fungi;
  • comfrey extract;
  • lemon balm extract – inhibits pathogenic microorganisms, relieves allergies;
  • tocopherol – enhances the respiratory function of the skin, moisturizes it;
  • lemongrass oil;
  • tea tree oil;
  • cinnamon – enhances tissue metabolism, is an antiseptic and powerful antioxidant;
  • Vitamin PP- stimulates the healing process of damaged cells.

The composition of the preparation is completely natural, all components are not only combined with each other, but also enhance the action of each other.



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