Revamin Stretch Mark What is it?

Revamin Stretch Mark

What is it?

Revamin Stretch Mark is a cream for stretch marks on the skin. Stretch marks are a common problem, a serious skin defect that does not disappear on its own, but, on the contrary, can worsen. Revamin Stretch Mark cream softens the epidermis, exfoliates and allows you to gradually but effectively remove stretch marks.

Instruction: How to use?

The product must be applied to clean skin. The most problematic areas should be lubricated especially carefully. It is recommended to treat the skin with light massaging movements, repeat the procedure twice a day.
The course of therapy is 3 months. But it can be extended and repeated until the desired effect is achieved.

How does it work?

The components of the cream soften the skin and also remove dead skin particles. Thanks to this, it is possible to tighten it and eventually get rid of stretch marks.
To remove fresh stretch marks, one course of application of the product is enough. But with old stretch marks, a longer use of the cream may be necessary.

Ingredients. Composition

The base of the cream is quite varied and rich. It is enriched with vitamin supplements and emollients. The composition is based on the entry into it:

  • water;
  • phenoxyethanol;
  • avocado oil;
  • tocopherol acetate;
  • potassium sorbate;
  • aloe juice;
  • polyglyceryl-4-laurate;
  • olive and apricot kernel oils;
  • glyceryl stearate;
  • cetearyl alcohol;
  • mineral oil;
  • acrylate copolymer;
  • ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate;
  • polysorbate-85.

However, the main active ingredients of the cream are:

  • aloe juice: contains a rich vitamin set that moisturizes, nourishes the skin, and also has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect;
  • avocado oil: nourishes, moisturizes, has a regenerating, rejuvenating effect;
  • apricot kernel oil: maintains skin tone, saturates it with vitamins, refreshes and rejuvenates the dermis at the cellular level.

The components of the cream have a complex effect on the skin. As a result, she not only pulls herself up, but also looks much fresher and more attractive. And over time, even the oldest stretch marks disappear.


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