Silent Snore What is it?

Silent Snore

What is it?

Silent Snore is an innovative remedy designed to fight snoring. The product looks like a plastic corrector. The product can be used equally successfully by men and women. The tool is simple and straightforward to use. Experts approve of the use of this corrector. It eliminates snoring, regardless of the root cause of its development and other factors. Before going on sale, the product passed all the necessary studies, proved its positive properties. Due to the use of this corrector, snoring can be eliminated in 1 treatment course.

Instruction: How to use?

Silent Snore should be used strictly according to the instructions. The manufacturer of the corrector offers the following algorithm for using the product:

  1. Remove the retainer from the container.
  2. Insert the corrector into the airway without using force: an indicator of correct placement of the device is maintaining breathing in a full state.
  3. Use Silent Snore during the entire sleep period.
  4. Remove the concealer from the nose immediately after waking up.

After each use, the product must be subjected to hygienic treatment – rinse the product under running water, then dry it and treat it with an antiseptic. Between using the corrector, it should be stored in a container. The function of the respiratory tract improves already on the first day of using the product, which favorably distinguishes these products from analogues.

How does it work?

Silent Snore helps to normalize the breathing process by opening up the nasopharynx and allowing air to flow freely through the respiratory tract. Prevents the development of oxygen starvation of the brain and subsequent headaches. Creates favorable conditions for good rest during sleep, prevents psychological exhaustion associated with regular lack of sleep.

Ingredients. Composition

Silent Snore’s innovative products are made of tough, durable silicone. It does not cause allergic reactions, it is completely harmless to the human body. The product is made in the shape of a horseshoe, which makes it easy and convenient to place the device in the nasal passages. The breathing corrector has been supplemented with an instruction manual. The product is equipped with special magnets that secure the innovative product securely inside the nose.


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