Skinny Stix What is it?

Skinny Stix

What is it?

Skinny Stix is an innovative weight loss tool. Thanks to this drug, the process of weight loss occurs naturally. After the course of treatment, the result is maintained for a long period.

Instruction: How to use?

Skinny Stix is recommended to take 1 bag twice a day. The product should be dissolved in half a glass of warm water. The first meal should be carried out in the morning on an empty stomach, and the second – in the evening 30 minutes before meals

How does it work?

After the beginning of the reception improves the general condition of the body, passes the feeling of fatigue, decreases appetite, increases mental and physical activity, cleans the skin, disappears cellulite, excreted toxins and toxins, eliminated excess fluid, is puffy. The person feels lightness in the body and excellent well-being. It does not cause side effects. It works softly and safely, thanks to its unique composition.

Ingredients. Composition

The composition of the drug includes natural ingredients that effectively get rid of fat deposits:

  • Ygods of goji
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  • Omega acids are necessary for the process of splitting lipids, increasing overall tone and improving the state of the epidermis.
  • Cambodjia Garcinia. normalizes cholesterol, relieves hunger, starts a carbohydrate exchange.
  • Akore ginger. accelerates metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and fat-burning effect, is an antiseptic of plant origin, gives energy and boosts mood.
  • Koren ginseng
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  • Selders. splits and removes fats, improves digestion.
  • South. reduces hunger, improves performance, normalizes lipid metabolism.
  • Semand guarana increase the physical activity and tone of the body.
  • Kayen pepper speeds up metabolism, reduces appetite.
  • Cofe provides energy and is responsible for stimulating metabolic processes.

In addition, the composition contains additional substances – extracts from forest berries, pectins, medicinal plants.


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