What is it?


What is it?

TraderMate is one of the fastest growing and most successful specialized trading platforms. The main focus of TraderMate is the cryptocurrency trading process. An emphasis on modern demands, simplification of the process itself and adaptation are the main qualities of this site, which make it attractive for both traders and investors. Even without special knowledge, skills and training, any novice trader will be able to accurately invest their funds and get the maximum profit. Thanks to TraderMate, it is possible to make money not only on your own trading signals, but also on the signals of more experienced users of the site, where you can subscribe and receive part of the income from this.
Such well-known and popular cryptocurrency exchanges as Poloniex, Bitmex, Bibance and many others actively cooperate with TraderMate, and an additional plus to this, the platform provides the option of using accounts from these exchanges, which helps during the adaptation period and attracts more and more users.
You can use the trial period on the service: before making an important decision on cooperation with the platform, the user can evaluate the comfort of use and functionality of TraderMate.

Information - TraderMate
Name TraderMate
Web site www.TraderMate.com
Country United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, India. The whole world
Customer Reviews 89% Positive

How do I open an account?

The TraderMate service can be used at three different levels:

  • Investor. At this level, based on personal preferences in doing business, on the style of trading and possible long-term prospects, the user has the right to choose the most suitable channel with a trader. After that, the investor will have tasks based on signals from the selected channels. The main thing is to choose, and then everything will be even easier.
  • Experienced. In this status, an advanced trader not only performs tasks, but can already modify and edit them himself, thereby correcting signals and adjusting them to his development strategy.
  • The highest level is pro. The user has several more opportunities: a professional user creates channels, generates signals himself, and also receives a fixed profit from investors for each successful transaction. In addition, functions that were available at previous levels remain available in this status.

How does it work?

TraderMate has three exchanges at once, i.e. the user has three accounts from which he can work without switching to different browser tabs, while conducting several transactions. This saves a lot of time and energy for traders.
TraderMate allows you to operate in several different frameworks, each of which has its own advantage: subscribing to existing signals brings regular and fixed income, generating signals on your own allows you to conduct larger transactions, and if you entrust all the work to a special algorithm using bots, the process is simplified as much as possible. , and the amount of profit only increases.
If you want to work on a modern, stylish, multifunctional and convenient service and get good profit at the same time, without spending a lot of time on work, then TraderMate will always come to the rescue.

This is a lie?

The fear of being deceived in such an important matter as working with cryptocurrency is always justified among novice traders. But this is not the case with TraderMate. It is important to understand that deceiving both experienced users and novice traders and investors, making money out of their unpreparedness and lack of training, is not at all a priority for TraderMate, since such a policy strongly “damages the reputation”, because of which potential users do not notice indisputable advantages of the service that distinguish it from competitive platforms:
A high level of security guaranteed by two-factor identification, data encryption and secure servers for storing traders API keys. Users do not have to worry about the safety of personal information and their funds.
Low subscription cost: while most competing marketplaces charge between $ 50 and $ 100 for a subscription, a subscription to TraderMate does not exceed $ 20.
TraderMate provides its users with a client program: from each successfully completed transaction that the participant referred by the user makes, the trader receives up to 20% of his own profit.
As mentioned above, TraderMate is a multifunctional, convenient and promising platform. These qualities are achieved thanks, firstly, to the use of three exchanges at once in a parallel rate, and, secondly, thanks to two types of trading - automatic and semi-automatic, which greatly simplifies and speeds up this process.
TraderMate was developed by a team of professional financial analysts, which can serve as a good guarantee of the success of this service.
The service gives users access to integration with Trading View and a trial period.


  • Popular means of payment accepted
  • Small minimum deposit
  • Convenient trading system
  • Have a demo account

Customer Reviews

I have been using this site for a very long time. I started with literally $ 30 and made a good profit in a month: the initial amount increased almost 20 times. They never cheat, money is paid on time. I advise everyone!
For a long time I have been listening to the stories of friends and acquaintances about quick and easy earnings on the Internet. I decided to check it out and came across TraderMate. At first there were doubts, but still he took a chance and never regretted it. In a short time, thanks to the service, I received a good income and improved my financial situation.
If you want to raise the bubble quickly and without any problems, then TraderMate is the ideal option. Convenient, practical, modern, and most importantly - profitable. I advise you, comrades.


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TraderMate Is scam?

No, we checked this site. TraderMate is not a scam.

How much can you earn?

It all depends on how much you deposit. But the average percentage of profit is 89%.

Are there any negative reviews on TraderMate?

Our team could not find negative reviews from real customers.