Valgu-correct What is it?


What is it?

Valgu-correct is a hallux valgus corrector. This tool is not a medication or dietary supplement.
Hallux valgus is a fairly common problem for modern women. This is the so-called bump or bone. The reasons for this deformation can be a genetic predisposition, various diseases (osteoporosis, flat feet, disorders in the endocrine system), improperly selected shoes (too high heels, narrow socks, small size). Valgu-correct promotes early resorption of hallux valgus.

Instruction: How to use?

Valgu-correct attaches to the deformed bone near the thumb. The elastic is quite elastic, comfortable and does not cause discomfort during use. Valgu-correct active ingredients are absorbed into the tissues of the foot and, by improving local blood circulation, accelerate the procedure for reducing bone deformity.
The elastic is put on the problem area, that is, on the bone near the thumb (it is recommended to clean the area first) and secured with a retainer. For best results, it is advised to press the retainer against the skin. Valgu-correct must be worn from 6 hours a day without taking off. The first effects appear after 2 weeks. The course of use to achieve maximum results should last from 1 to 4 months. The duration of the course depends on the characteristics of the organism of each consumer.

How does it work?

Valgu-correct reduces the load on the bone when walking, prevents further deformation of the foot, keeping it in the correct position, relieves pain. It also improves blood circulation, reduces fatigue, protects the foot from chafing and improves gait.
The Valgu-correct gum has no contraindications. It does not pose a danger to the skin, has no side effects and contraindications, is convenient to use, because it does not interfere with everyday life, and has an affordable price.

Ingredients. Composition

The Valgu-correct Bone Corrector is an elastic band that resembles a regular patch in shape and color, impregnated with active substances that trigger the process of reducing hallux valgus. This product contains only natural hypoallergenic substances. Thanks to this, the Valgu-correct corrector is absolutely harmless to the skin.


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Indications for use

Very often modern people are faced with hallux valgus. The reason lies in the shoes that keep the feet in tension. Over time, a protruding bone begins to form near the thumb. Not only does it not look very good, but it also hurts health.


There are no contraindications.

Doctor’s review

The latch does its job one hundred percent. Literally only a month and we could talk about the result. The device is made with high quality. My patients say that it is convenient and comfortable to use. I advise everyone.

Customer Reviews

I really love high-heeled shoes. Only this love ruined me: a bone appeared near the thumb. It does not look very aesthetically pleasing, and it also hurts from time to time. I decided to try Valgu-Correct. I was satisfied with the price tag. I started using it on a daily basis, as prescribed in the instructions, for 6 hours. A week passed and the pain stopped bothering me, come. The bone is still in place, but not as prominent.

The bone on my leg tortured me for more than seven years. Through trial and error, I came to the conclusion that there is simply no effective cure for this disease. And those that exist, they do not help.
But I was lucky to come across a Valgu-Correct orthopedic retainer. I started wearing it every day. I would like to note that it is very convenient and easy to use. Thanks to him, the thumb is fixed and there is less load on the found while walking. It does not interfere with movement at all, you can wear any shoes.
I have been using the device for three weeks, I have already managed to get rid of many unpleasant consequences, it does not rub anything.

From an early age I have flat feet with all the ensuing problems. For several years now, you have to give up your favorite shoes with heels. Literally a year ago, I discovered with horror that bones began to appear on both legs. Since then, the quiet life has ended.
A friend recommended the new Valgu-Correct retainer. Excellent device, completely hygienic, does not rub. And the main thing is that there is a result. It took me only a month to restore the shape of the joints and get rid of the pain. Now sometimes I can afford to wear my favorite shoes.


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