What is it?

Varius is an effective remedy in the fight against varicose veins. This ailment for a long time brought discomfort, pain and suffering to a person, provoked convulsions, itching, and became the cause of death.
At present, a remedy has been found that relieves of a painful ailment.
Release form – gel. The drug provides application in the treatment of diseases of the vascular system, and the effective action and speed of getting rid of the disease is caused by the complex action of the ingredients of the drug, concealing natural strength.

Instruction: How to use?

  1. The affected area is washed with water, freed from foreign objects;
  2. Wipe dry with a soft towel;
  3. Apply a small amount of gel to the affected area;
  4. Gently, in a circular motion, the product is rubbed into the skin.

The absorption time is 4 minutes. the tool starts working. The effect is noticeable after the first application.
Attention! The dosage and schedule for applying the product is determined individually by the attending physician, depending on the complexity of the disease.
The duration of treatment is a month.

How does it work?

Using the drug helps you feel relief quickly. The components that make up the drug have a positive effect on the veins, improve the outflow of lymphatic fluid. The drug is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

  • Strengthening the walls of blood vessels, protection from the influence of radicals;
  • Removal of puffiness, analgesic effect;
  • Disposal of burning sensation, convulsive syndrome;
  • Improving tissue nutrition, getting rid of pigmentation;
  • Valve function restoration.

The drug is effective in the early stages of the disease. With an advanced course, taking medications is required, and operable intervention is possible. It is used in combination, including in combination with diet, exercise, wearing compression hosiery.

Ingredients. Composition

There are no synthetic additives in the gel.

  • Ginkgo biloba is an active ingredient of natural origin, aimed at tissue regeneration. It is characterized by the ability to restore damage, tissue structure, and strengthen blood vessels. The component normalizes blood pressure, resolves vascular plaques, minimizes blood clots in the patient’s veins.
  • Bee venom microsystem – fights inflammation, relieves swelling in the patient’s lower extremities, eases the condition, giving the patient lightness and good spirits. The component effectively acts on the vascular walls of the veins, helps to strengthen and cleanse.
  • Antlers concentrate – comprehensively removes toxins, toxins, decay products from the body. Efficiency allows you to strengthen veins, capillaries, blood vessels, make their structure elastic and elastic. The circulatory system positively, quickly and quickly transports useful substances and compounds to the organs, transported through the bloodstream. Metabolism stabilizes, positively affects the patient’s well-being.
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    Indications for use

    For painful sensations in the legs even with the slightest exertion, with unaesthetic swollen veins and night cramps, Varius is used for the beauty and health of the legs.

    The Varius tool is recommended for:

    • the problem of stagnation in the veins;
    • blue mesh on the limbs;
    • pain in the legs;
    • edema;
    • violation of blood flow.

    The course of using the drug helps to protect against blood clots and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
    Varicose veins progress rather quickly. It takes only a couple of months from the onset of symptoms to a complete diagnosis. Treatment with Varius should be started immediately. It prevents blood clots, which are the cause of venous insufficiency, provoke the appearance of trophic ulcers, and can sometimes be fatal.
    Varius helps to improve the condition of the veins, relieve the body of venous insufficiency and prevent negative consequences.


    Due to its composition, the drug has no contraindications. All components are well tolerated by the human body. Since Varius is hypoallergenic, there are no side effects.

    Doctor’s review

    I prescribe Varius to all my patients. He is an important part of therapy. It works quickly but safely. After using the drug, efficiency returns, painful sensations disappear. Recommended for restless legs syndrome.

    Customer Reviews

    I have second stage varicose veins. I can’t imagine my life without pain. The skin dries up, the veins swell. The daughter brought Varius, on the recommendation of a doctor friend. Honestly, I didnt expect him to help. But after the first week of application, I noticed that severe dryness disappeared, the veins did not bulge out so much. And after the end of the course, the pain disappeared. I advise everyone who is desperate in the drugs taken for varicose veins.

    Pregnancy and being overweight led to the appearance of veins on the legs. The phlebologist said that I shouldnt even think about the second child until I had cured varicose veins. But thanks to Varius gel my condition improved. The doctor removed all prohibitions.

    I use Varius for prophylaxis as I have a genetic predisposition. There are no particular symptoms of the disease, but I continue the course. Hope it helps.


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