Yuan Pay What is it?

Yuan Pay

What is it?

Yuan Pay is a trading platform based on artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology that provides an opportunity to invest funds in the digital yuan of the PRC. The Chinese leadership has prepared 90% of the release of its own national currency, and Yuan Pay has prepared a platform for investing and trading the digital yuan. Various digital assets, including Bitcoin, will also function here. Cryptocurrencies existing on the platform will be pegged to the digital yuan.

How do I open an account?

Using the Chinese digital currency on the Yuan Pay platform is quite simple. This requires:
Register your personal account. Enter the necessary data and the phone number to which the confirmation will come.
After successful registration and opening of a trading balance, a minimum amount of USD 250 must be deposited. Funding can be done using a debit / credit card, bank transfer or e-wallets.

How does it work?

The main goals of the digital yuan for the near future:

  • Take a leading position among all cryptocurrencies operating in China.
  • Attract 500 million investors from all over the world.
  • Reach the $ 5000 per coin mark.

Yuan Pay is part of the YuanPay Group, which received a license to carry out operations in the field of cryptocurrency. 910 banks from different parts of the world are partners of the trading platform.
It is necessary to take into account the fact that any investment in the financial sector is associated with a certain risk.Therefore, in carrying out this activity, you should adhere to the basic rules for the investor not to invest what you cannot afford to lose in case of failure.

This is a lie?

Now you can stake, trade, exchange digital yuan for other types of electronic money. There is no commission when exchanging Chinese cryptocurrency on the platform.
According to preliminary estimates, about 1 billion people will be active users of the Chinese digital currency, and with the growing popularity of fiat money will gradually begin to lose its relevance, which confirms the fact that investments are attractive. Cryptocurrency analysts and experts predict the value of the virtual yuan in the region of $ 5,000. Renowned programmer and McAfee Antivirus founder John McAfee made a statement on the future of cryptocurrencies: As people move to Bitcoin for payments and receipts, they stop using US dollars and euros, which devalues ​​these currencies in the long run.


  • Low minimum deposit
  • Teaching materials
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Free demo account

Customer Reviews

I never thought that I would become an investor at all. But it so happened that I had free funds that needed to be invested somewhere. My choice fell on this service. Before transferring money, I talked to the support service for a long time. They gave me confidence in their security system. Thats why I decided to buy Yuan right here. The rest of these sites did not inspire such confidence in me. And here everything is done at the highest level.

Of all such services, I chose this one because of its ease of use and thanks to its bright, welcoming design. He immediately hooked me. And the fact that with the help of this cryptocurrency I can become rich is very encouraging. I wish there were more such services in the world that bring people a profit. I want to say my sincere thanks to the site administration.

None of my acquaintances believed that it was possible to earn money with the help of cryptocurrency. They only saw how people go broke. You just need to know on which platforms you should make deals. And Im good at this. I have a very strong instinct for all kinds of deception. And I am completely confident in this service. I am satisfied with absolutely everything in it, including in particular the price of the available cryptocurrency. I have already invested 1,500 euros and next month I will be much richer than I was.


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