What is it?

Zenidol is an effective remedy against fungus. After all, the causes of the appearance of the fungus can be very different, from uncomfortable small shoes to infection through manicure tools. Often, the fungus appears in women who do pedicure, where the masters do not follow the rules of hygiene and do not disinfect the instruments after each client. It is very important to treat the fungus early on. In advanced cases, it is difficult to get rid of the fungus, and sometimes it is already impossible, since the nail is already deformed and falls off.
A unique remedy is Zenidol ointment, it effectively removes infection and traces of its manifestation. The result can be seen immediately after several applications. The ointment is harmless, it is suitable for different skin types. Due to its natural composition, it has a pleasant texture and smell.

Instruction: How to use?

The ointment must be applied in three passes.

  1. Preparation. For the legs, you need to make a bath and steam them well. For best results, add salt and baking soda. Remove the top layer of the nail plate with a special file.
  2. Apply the ointment to the entire nail, cover it with cotton wool or a sponge (without rubbing the cream) and wrap it with a plaster.
  3. Put on socks made from natural materials to allow air to pass through and the skin can breathe.

How does it work?

Zenidol penetrates deep into the nail and removes fungus. The ointment has no cosmetic effect, it has medicinal properties. Thanks to its unique formula, the ointment can be used as the prevention of infectious diseases. In addition, when using the ointment, not only the fungus is removed from the nail, the skin is also restored. The cream removes unpleasant odors, the skin on the feet becomes soft and smooth. The result obtained is fixed for a long time and does not require additional procedures.

Ingredients. Composition

Contains natural antifungal and antibacterial ingredients. These are mainly essential oils and organic extracts. Of the oils, the composition includes juniper and tea tree, in addition, there is also terpinene. All components contribute to the gentle and painless removal of the fungus.


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